Learning Journeys

Transformational Leadership Experiences through Field Based Learning.

The Living Earth Team at a plastics recycling plant.

Learning Journeys places participants in inspiring learning environments where they work closely with innovative leaders to address complex real-life challenges.

Arbores has significant experience in working with outstanding individuals, drawn from a network of sustainability professionals, to design and deliver field-based learning for understanding complex issues.

The programme is designed for key managers and ‘high-potentials’ moving into areas of increased responsibility and complexity. Participants are confronted with challenges in unfamiliar environments; they are required to work together, reflecting on their own values, behaviors and interactions as they develop their leadership and problem-solving abilities.

Participants are given the opportunity to work with outstanding leaders that have developed new approaches to create social capital and tackle pressing sustainability issues. Engaging with leaders and other stakeholder allows participants to unlock difficult issues in order to develop recommendations and strategies that add value.

Arbores work closely with our clients to identify the specific characteristics required of a learning journey in terms of location, thematic focus and the framing questions to be addressed by participants. In this way we can help make connections between key corporate social impact priorities and core learning and development themes.

Our network has a global reach and access to innovative approaches being undertaken by leaders working in social enterprises, NGOs and ethical business. The diversity of our network offers a wide range of challenges, ranging from initiatives working with water supply for poor communities, to biodiversity conservation projects.

We have delivered Learning Journeys for several partners. See our case study on Argentina and a partnership development case study on Uganda.

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