Argentina - Learning Journey case study

Arbores worked with our partners Emprendia to deliver a Learning Journey to Argentina for around 90 leaders from a Global Bank. We took six teams to outstanding locations including Bariloche and Igazu Falls where they worked with local partners delivering innovative community based projects. This bespoke experiential programme builds leadership skills through a field-based team challenge.

Arbores creates and facilitate engagements with inspiring leaders to support participant learning. The Argentina programme illustrated some of the key elements of a successful Learning Journey, including the use of incredible environments to cutting edge content provided by globally recognised experts and talented facilitators.

The team of at Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Local partners in Mendoza.

Exploring the forest of Banco de Bosques. Meeting forest stakeholder community.

The Team in the forest reserve at Caa Pora, Andresito. Members of El Arca social enterprise in Mendosa.

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